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Punkt is a statement jewelry design brand. The word “punkt” denotes a point of interest. Punkt Jewelry focuses its concept and design on the defects and erosion that times brings, thus expressing the natural processes underlining our lives. Inspired mostly by nature, Punkt’s jewelry juxtaposes the notion of jewelry as timeless with a reflection on the idea that nothing lasts forever. All pieces are handmade with high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Each piece has a story and its own Punkt expressed through forms of visual interruption. Punkt’s designs are highlighted by contrasts: Fine quality is contrasted with explorations of defects, dark and bright materials are compared and clean and rough textures are combined. Using only metal as material, I combine two visual contrasts of roughness and refinement into an harmonious texture which has a fresh new visibility and Interpretation. Punkt Jewelry showcases emotional drama in each of its individual pieces. Each one of us has a story and a unique punkt. What is your Punkt?

Founded in 2015, made in Israel, by Natalie Shabtai



Natalie Shabtai is a goldsmith and jewelry designer, born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1984.

She holds a B.design degree from The Jewelry Design department, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, graduating with honors in 2012.

Natalie launched the Punkt Jewelry brand as a direct continuation of the aesthetics and concepts she developed during her academic studies and in particular in her final project at Shenkar, entitled “Counterpoint | Kontrapunkt”. This project drew on a unique tone and interest she developed throughout her academic training: the effects of time on nature and life. Natalie has harnessed this ongoing research of the time-nature relationship into a cohesive design language.

During the spring of 2013, Kontrapunkt collection was displayed at the “Second Nature” exhibition, curated by Gemma Williams in PM Gallery & House, London.

Natalie’s intellectual foci and design aesthetics convey a statement: despite the messiness of reality and life’s circumstances, things are beautiful and perfect the way they are. Aging or defects do not undermine beauty – they enhance it. She creates only jewelry she would want to wear herself and that would speak out for itself.

Today Natalie lives, creates and designs at her studio in Ramat Gan, Israel.