Jewelry Care Instructions


In order to keep your jewelry in its best condition please follow our care instructions:


24K Gold Plating Brass | Silver Plating Brass | Oxidized 925 Silver | Blackening – All are nickel free

We use the highest quality of plating to ensure that our jewelry will be long-lasting, yet it is also important that you follow our instructions in order to maintain its longevity. We recommend that you make a habit of removing your plated or blackened jewelry prior to any contact with water, such as washing your hands or dishes, showering, and bathing in the sea or at a swimming pool. Prevent jewelry from coming in contact with toiletries and cosmetics such as perfume, body lotion, creams, cleaning or beauty products that can damage the plating. If damaged, you are welcome to send us your jewelry in order to renew its plating / blackening / oxidation at cost price (see repair terms below).


925 Sterling Silver

It is recommended, yet not a must, to remove silver jewelry prior to showering, washing hands, bathing in the sea or at a swimming pool. Sweat or any contact with water can cause a little change in the silver shade. Also, try to prevent your silver jewelry from coming in contact with cleaning and beauty products. Their ingredients can also cause a slight change in the silver color. In case of change in the silver color – no worries! It can be cleaned easily with Silver Cleaners and cloth.


Blackened Items

All blackened items are nickle free too, and being handmade painted with special metals color. Please notice that blackening might come off during time, only in rings where the whole surface is painted in black. Therefor we offer a lifetime free service of renewing only blackenings, in this case shipping costs are not included and are on customer responsibility.