Old | New Chess

My “Old | New” Chess project was a project I’ve been working on its concepts and creation for a whole semester,in 2010, during my academic studies at Shenkar.

I chose to share it with you first since it is one of a kind piece that I will always cherish, second, and more important is that this work was a landmark for me in shaping my own designing language. Mistakes that happened in manufacturing during working on the chess players seemed to be more beautiful to me than my first intention! So, I repeated the same mistakes on purpose over and over again until I knew the “recipe” of creating the accident. I’ve realized how I love the beauty of accidental processes, and of the non perfection, since it is so realistic.

Ever since I was attracted to those kind of esthetiques and I aimed to them on purpose.

Made from Brass, Flexible Polymer, Concrete | 2010