Counterpoint Art Jewelry Collection | 2012

Kontrapunkt | Counterpoint is my Art Jewelry Collection as part of my Graduation project in Shenkar College of Engineering & Design, Israel, 2012.

It deals with the texture resulting from the combination of individual melodic line, same as counterpoint in Music, but in its visual translation, as I see it. I was always fascinated by drawing on natural process of degeneration and regeneration. Using classic jewelry crafting techniques I aimed to merge in my work the separate and independent concepts into a new, unique and harmonious reality – the Counterpoint Collection.

Using combinations of Silver 925, 18k Gold plating, Brass, blackened Brass, Copper and applying techniques of patination, reticulation, Borax, Coloring, Wax casting and more the pieces embody simple lines and geometrical shapes alongside the erosion and crumbling of metal thus representing the degeneration over time.

Each piece is completely original, reflecting my own personal style and feel.

Since then, I have continued dealing with similar concepts and esthetiques and my Punkt Brand is a direct continuation of Counterpoint in its concise, delight and wearable version.